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Firth Brown Tools Inc. has operated in Cambridge (Galt), Ontario since 1921 when the company was established as Hi-Speed Tools Ltd.  The company was acquired in 1947 by Firth Brown Tools of Sheffield, England and was made a division of Firth Brown Stainless Ltd., a Canadian company, in 1980.  The company has been independently operated since 1982 and is owned by senior management.

The company holds and sells its products under the trade name Firth Brown Tools.  Firth Brown Tools currently supplies nib and spiral point taps to all Canadian and leading manufacturers of fasteners.  Several of the largest North American nut manufacturers use our products exclusively.  Firth Brown Tools also supplies Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota and many automotive product suppliers.  Firth Brown Tools also supplies coupling and nipple producers with chasers, taps and nipple reamers throughout Canada, USA and Mexico.

All engineering and design has been and continues to be carried out by Firth Brown Tools Inc.  The company maintains an engineering design facility in house.

Our equipment includes:  Computerized design facilities, Bar Feed Cnc turning lathes and chucker, Hertlein Flute Grinders and Chamfering equipment, CNC Drake, and CNC vertical Machining centres.  This equipment produces high quality tools that are made with craftsmanship and care by a highly skilled workforce.  Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected under a quality program designed to meet the needs of ISO 9001/2015 requirements and we achieved this certification in July, 1998.

Firth Brown Tools Inc. Is the only remaining volume precision tap manufacturer in Canada capable of in-house production of tools from raw bar stock through to finished goods.

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